Most of the people are in online business when dear young and generally the failed. The main reason behind is that they don’t know how to generate traffic and create traffic signals for their blog or income from the site. When we started a site, we thought that when you put a website on the Internet, people naturally come. And that’s not the case.

If you don’t market a site, no one’s is being going to buy. Hiring internet marketing firms didn’t do well. And you may run out of money. So you had to learn how to do it yourself. And for that you need to be creative.

Creativity is the Key of Success:

Creativity is the Key of Success

The creativity is the number-one secret of driving traffic signs. If you can come up with unique stuff or singular product, etc., and you are inventive, you will tend to do better than the person next to you who’s not creative is just falling textbook manuals and doing what everyone else is doing.

You need to be consistent with drive more traffic and works on traffic signs. Every time we started a business, we never had a problem with top of funnel getting at least five to 10,000 people we want to pay for the product.

Profitable traffic and non-profitable traffic signals

So, there are profitable traffic and non-profitable traffic signals or more specifically, relevant traffic and irrelevant traffic. The way we look at things is a few ways one, what traffic keywords referring sites, etc. are converting into leads or sales. Those are traffic sources and the other thing you look at is what traffic sources are not able to convert. The main question is why they are not converting?

The best way to solve this problem is to offer them something for free, collect their email, and then educate them over a period of weeks, months, etc., and then we sell them.
So those are the ways that we try to get visitors to become customers, or more relevant. The difference between online marketing and growth marketing is that the growth marketing is more than just traffic.

Why you need to convert visitors into customers

convert visitors into customers

So when you are trying to grow, it’s not just marketing which can drive traffic; it is also important to find out who could help convert more visitors into customers those traffic signs. These ways customers actually use the products. For example, if you look at Microsoft One drive or Dropbox, they tried paid acquisition, and paid a customer for One drive or Dropbox, when they use pay per click. Now when someone’s paying $75 a year for One drive or Dropbox customer, they are losing money. So what they ended up finding out is that their paid acquisition doesn’t work well for them. However, they found that getting users to invite more users to tweet about the service, etc. causes more user growth, and they rewarded the users for doing that by providing free stories facilities. So those are all examples of growth marketing. It is nothing but creativity.

It is what other creative ways that you can use within your company don’t matter what division, whether it’s product engineering, design, etc. that you can do to drive more traffic, more customers and more sales.

Try to work on Basic More:

In general, philosophy doesn’t try to analytics tracking too much; because a lot of people try to put all these analytical tools in and they try to track everything. When you are becoming established you should try to do as much as possible and do all. When you are trying to grow in its initial stages of your blog, just stick with the basics activities. You have a free Google Analytics tool. Just let it valued when you just started a blog or business a month ago; especially when you don’t even have a paid customer. If you do, there’s no way you can know your lifetime value because your customers haven’t been around long enough.

Just focus on basic traffic and then grow from there. And over time, you can add more metrics and fine tune more things. However, at the beginning, don’t complicate things; just focus on your product and getting more users to the site.

How to Convert Website Visitors into Customers: Driving traffic vs Marketing for Revenue

Driving traffic to your website is the most important part of revenue earning. When you are doing marketing for your business, you should never shift focus from driving traffic to actually revenue. Instead, you should be doing both at the same time.

Driving Traffic vs Marketing

Driving Traffic vs Marketing

At the beginning, you should just focus purely on visitors and traffic, because without that you can’t concentrate on revenue. And if you don’t have been adequate for traffic, there’s no point in trying to optimize for conversions because you don’t have sufficient visitors. However, the moment you have 10 thousand visitors a month, you should start focusing on both traffic and optimization for revenue. The key metric that you need to look is revenue growth. So you need to grow revenue at a faster pace month over month. In this regard, traffic growth or acquisition is more important than anything else. If you are lagging behind, then you need to look at your marketing strategy.

Why my website traffic not converting?

You may require a separate team for driving mode traffic and also for optimizing the traffic and converting into customers. Converting visitors into to customers is another important for business success. If you don’t have at least 10,000 visitors a month, it’s hard to run a B test and figured out how to convert more visitors into customers, because you’re probably not driving enough volume, so you won’t reach statistical significance.

Please keep in mind, if you have 10,000 visitors, you are not going to get 1, 00,000 conversions, which would be very rare  so that, you can start testing. If you have merely 5,000 visitors and just 10 of them bought something every single month. You can’t run an AB test.

Working in Small Blog vs Large Blog Company

So typically when a company is small, you should start doing more testing. When you are a larger company, you are more established, you tend to have a lot of revenue and AB testing results little for them. When you are small, you can do a lot of things.

Small Blog vs Large Blog

The reason being it is when you’re small, there’s less bureaucracy and fewer employees to deal with. When your big things just move slow and you always know there’s going to be a chain of command.

Lots of people, especially, engineers Google in past because they like to you do according to their own, but it may not be bet for the company. What matters more signup are engagement that varies for business. If you’re running a lead generation business, signup matters more. If you are a product based business, if you have a million signup but no one’s engaging, then they’re not getting converted to monetize them. So it depends on the business type. In an ideal world, you should focus on signup and engagement.