People often confused with SEO and SEM. So in this post we like to present views of SEO Analysts in 2020. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a free channel. When you started off, you may not have lots of money. So SEO was only way that you could go and get traffic because you couldn’t spend to acquire the visitors, whether it is a product, a service, or content, or building links.

So there are two main channels if you want to market your business, SEO, and Search Engine Optimization (SEM), and there is actually a third if you include email. The other one was banner ads, and banner ads don’t convert too well.

So content marketing has been evolving over the last few years, and it is becoming more and more popular. It can be used by almost any business that is trying to attract customers online.

Educate Viewers and Customers

It works under the B2B category and in the B2B category, most people that are doing it on informational sites, example Fiver, BuzzFeed, etc. But with content marketing in general, you should educate your customers and need to add value. It helps to build a brand, and eventually cause some of those people to convert into customers.

If your customers don’t need any education, or any advice or help, content marketing won’t be too effective. With the increasing number of bloggers, higher-quality content may not rank high even though you try your 100 percent. Some blog posts will be a hit; some won’t. It may be due to some post titles may not be SEO friendly even if you wrote like. Sometimes our blog posts don’t rank high due to unknown reason due to misspell something, and people don’t click on it.

SEO Analysts in 2020

Info graphics and Content Marketing

The way you actually shine in the content marketing area just write better content than everyone else in your space.

However, everyone steps up their game, and you have to spend money on design. That is what most people don’t post info graphics; custom images for your post. Whatever it may be designed, and great contents are the key to good content marketing solution.

So as content marketing, there is a slim line between how hard you are pushing your marketing to how clean and pretty things to keep people happy.

What most people don’t realize is the average reader isn’t as sophisticated. The average person who reads a blog in USA is not the average person who reads it outside of USA. So people in USA are more sensitive to things like pop ups and design outside of USA. There is very little sensitivity, and you can get away with a lot doesn’t mean you should be pushing the boundaries. However, if you forget to design the pop ups, if your content is better than anyone else is, you will still do pretty well.

In the long run, it is a profitable channel.  However, the first few years, we just commit to creating the content and trying to help the community. If you create the best information on the subject, and it benefits people, eventually you will build an audience and followers who will pay for products and services. When it comes to traffic building, it is info graphics and they drive traffic. However, few people actually do them on consistent basis very few bloggers do, and it works so well. However, it generates so many back links and visitors whom my rankings have shot up through the roof.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of competitions in the marketing world. As a company, or service provider you should consider both SEM and SEO right.

SEO is a free strategy SEM is a paid strategy. The reason you want to do SEM analysis is SEO can take four months to a year before you start seeing some positive or negative results. However, in SEM on the other hand, you may start up a campaign within minutes and you will receive the results.

A good example of this is a new hotel or a restaurant in New Delhi. If you look at new and popular hotel in search engine and their growth, especially from beginning till now, most of their growth comes from SEM.

Start with a Growth Model

Nevertheless, for the first two to three years, almost all their growth must come from SEM  analysis or paid advertising. In essence, it may be Google’s ads or face book advertising or Bing ads, etc. So, they were buying listings like News Delhi hotels, New Delhi apartment, etc.

It is a quick way to actually gain attraction. Sometimes you can make a favorable flow of income and other times you may not be able to make it cash flow beneficial.

Search Engine Marketing may be pay per click form in which you see the three listings on the search engine. If it is Google, you see the free listings in the middle, and you see the paid to the top, and on the right. So with search engine marketing, it’s all about the top and the right portion.

Those are the ads, and you can end up buying them. The cost may ranges, from two cents a click to $100 a click. It depends upon how much you should be willing to pay for lead.

If your profit margins are $100, and the lead cost you $100. It costs you more, and you are now actually losing money.

On the other hand, if it costs you pretty low to acquire a lead, and you are making $200 in profit. That is not bad. So as long as it is profitable, and you are happy with the margins, then you should keep spending. If you’re willing to lose even more money to get more traffic, then you can increase to spend on pay per click?

Enterprise Leads Generation Model

Enterprise or Corporation leads depend upon the business model, and the amount that you’re willing to pay varies much, especially in SEM analysis. For example, if you’re an enterprise, you can pay much for lead.

Your sales cycle may be long, but a customer could be thousand dollars value. So, you can spend more, and you need not to optimize to funnel.

You may not convert enough people from free to pay, but you can be spending 100 dollars per click or even $1 to acquire a customer unless you’re paid solution is expensive enough, and you’re converting enough people to free.

Leads Generation

Therefore, no matter what your model is, you just got to optimize and make sure you’re spending less than what you’re actually making on the back end. The best time to use paid marketing is when you know how many your customers worth. Then from there, you can actually go spending more money, and if you’re able to acquire a customer for a lot less.  It is worth spending more and earns the profit.

How to Rank High on Google

SEO and SEM don’t go hand in hand. SEO focuses on free and what you can show is totally different than with SEM. With SEM, the way Google analyzes two things, one your click through rate on your ad, and landing page on your page. If you don’t follow on, you can actually have a terrible quality score and your cost per click goes up. Well, with SEO, you can do whatever you want to your page as long as your contents good and people like it.

Rank High on Google

With Google, you don’t know what they’re going to do following, because their algorithm keeps changing. So instead of worrying, what’s Google’s subsequent update is going to be on links or content, or they’re looking for people who aren’t selling products, whatever it may be? Just focus on creating excellent product, decent service, and write great content.

Follow the basic SEO Guidelines

If you don’t try to manipulate your rankings, you follow the basic guidelines, which being clean URLs, fast loading website, and you are creating the best experience for the user, eventually, you will rank pretty well. Sure, in the short run, you may not rank better than other people. However, in the long run, Google’s whole goal is to show users the best website out there. If your website is the best in your space, you eventually rank high on Google’s ranking. Because if Google just shows what they think is the best, then their users may not find Google valuable. And sometimes, they will stop using that search engine. For that reason, focus on creating the best website.

Google Supply majority of the Traffic

Google is customer number one, when we are designing things. As a decision maker, we need to usually do what’s best for the user. However, what’s foremost for the users and also optimal for Google. Well, typically you can find a good balance that works for both of them.

Furthermore, their algorithm is quite a bit different than being in Yahoo. So if you optimize for Google, it’s hard to optimize for being in Yahoo at the same time. On the flip side, if you optimize for Yahoo and being you probably won’t get as much traffic from Google. Why would you want to do that when Google will drive more traffic? So we believe you need to stay up to date with anything, specifically how Google works.