Facebook is the king of social media from 2004. At the same time, People like to share their emotions or current status through Facebook status termed as ‘Fb Status’.

In modern times, people have little time to meet all his friends or family members. Therefore, Facebook is a platform for them to connect all of his friends or family members easily. These option in Facebook to share feelings or activities of the persons by writing a colorful board just like whiteboard. It is certainly termed as Fb Status. People are always looking for cool and creative Fb Status Ideas. It helps them to become popular. At the same time, it will also help them to connect and make an impression other friends.

Whats App is another social media platform where people also like to say they are emotions by Whats App status. He will show you how you may write and share cool and creative fb status and able to express your emotions clearly. We also show you where you can get royalty fee cool images and based impressing quotations freely.

How to write FB Status

Writing a FB status is very simple. First log into your FB account and click on ‘write something here’. 

FB status writing tool

A pop-up will open where you may write any sentence or place your feelings simply. Suppose I’m writing “I am feeling cool today”. So it is an emotion of you.

FB status Colorful background

Here you may use any colorful background templates of Facebook. There are around 75 background templates available for use freely. You may also use free activity tag templates like feeling, celebrating, watching, eating, drinking, attending, travelling to, listening to, looking for, thinking about, reading, playing, supporting. There are also subcategories you may choose from.

FB status using tags

Making FB Status Attractive

For making FB Status attractive, always write simple sentences. Make sure you write one/two sentences. We are suggesting simple sentences because your fb status will be reading by your common friends. People always like to read simple sentences. Make sure; always express your feelings in sentences. It is better to use a colorful background rather than just sharing your lines. It is also beneficial to use activity/ feelings tags below your sentences.

Finding Royalty free cool Photo/Images

Iconic photos are the key of people engagement in Facebook status. But, finding a royalty free photo is not a very complicated process now. There are several sources where you may able to find an eye-catching emails or graphics for your Facebook. Here I like to mention three sources where you find millions of cool royalty free images:

  1. Pixabay

Here you will find millions of images which are free to use anywhere. You may use them for your business purpose or for your personal status. However, there is no option to edit your photos or you are not able to add any text to them. You need to use any third-party software or to edit or add any text to them.

  1. Canva

Canva is another web page cloud platform to create any kind of template including Facebook. It is widely popular and free to use. There are some premium options which are available in their paid plan. But the free version is widely popular. The best part is that you may use text and customise in different sizes. There are some templates also for Face book post and cover.

  1. Stencil

The third platform is stencil but it is not free. But there are almost 2200000 royalty free images. They also provide templates for facebook.

10 Things to Improve FB Status

Here is the nine ways that you can improve your FB status

  1. Set your personal /business goal

Your Face book status should have a goal whether it is personal or business. The audience/customer should be able to visualise your expression is truly. The goal of your FB status may be for entertainment, for expressing a view/feelings or it may be expressed out you socially. It helps to build social links and improve communication.

  1. Control Your Emotions

Always control your emotions and write simply what you feel. But always keep in mind that you are expressing your views in front of the public. Therefore always try to use social languages.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

If you are using a business account, always try to use your emotional intelligence. Try to impress people by using those words which people like. But, if you are a bit status is all about your business and nothing else, then people will not like your status and will ignore it. Try to balance images status, FB templates and tags and mix them.

  1. Use Socialized words

Don’t always use self-centred status and try to express your views on others social events. For example, in Mother’s Day, you may write a FB status on your mother.

  1. Use General and Simple Words:

Always try to use unbiased words which help to influence all kinds of people. Read people are different communities and languages. Therefore, always try to use your local languages in your Face book status. Your writing should be real and relevant to your friends or your audience. It must be able to touch the heart of the people. So that it may inspire them and they may follow you.

  1. Set Frequency of writing

Always try to set a time interval between your writings (FB staus). People generally don’t like to read from the same people frequently. As a result, always try to keep a gap between writings. In a general rule of thumb, try to write 2/3 FB status in a week.

  1. Reply to comment

Always try to reply in the comments of the people by liking them. At the same time, you may reply to the comments by simply thanking or liking them. You may use different emoji images or FB and emissions.

  1. Ask for Call to Action

If you are using a business account, sometime you may use a simple call to action. It will improve customer confidence and they may keen to visit your business or blog associate with your account. You may also use a link and call for an action.

  1. Ask a question

You may also ask a question in your FB status and ask for the right answer. People generally like to solve general types of questions by replying to your question. They also like to share it if they find something unique and simple. Generally most of them are common type of questions which people like to share among friends.

  1. Try to use Photo Caption

You may also use captioning a photo which is unique or looking something distinctive. It helps to improve people’s engagement and the number of shares.

9 Cool FB status of all time

  • A friendship in business is better than a business in friendship

A friendship in business is better than a business in friendship

  • Gold never able to buy friendship.

Gold never able to buy friendship.

  • Success is the sun and happiness is sunlight.

Success is the sun and happiness is sunlight.

  • Hope is a rainbow of thought.

Hope is a rainbow of thought

  • Trust is the heart of relationship

Trust is the heart of relationship

  • Wisdom is the ultimate soul of life.

Wisdom is the ultimate soul of life

  • Never Stop Dreaming, they are the way of success

Wisdom is the ultimate soul of life

  • I have a cool mind

I have a cool mind