Content writing is the key to any blog and Google always ranks those articles which are correct in grammar, punctuation or sentence pattern. But, people normally committed several mistakes in writing sentences. In this post, we’ll review Grammarly which is more than a tool for not only catching errors but it is widely used by bloggers all over the world.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly, easily helps to write perfect watch by highlighting mistakes that sharpen your writing skills. Writing English sentences that are grammar correct is not an easy task. But Grammarly makes writing better. It may check grammar errors, spelling mistakes and the tone of your voice. It is like a secret weapon for your blog writing. We always use grammar in and check our emails, social media posts. It is also a better tool for resume writing where you require perfection for your writing.

Why we need to use Grammarly:

No human being is perfect and while we write, lots of mistakes go on without detection in our eyes. Generally, we never recognize our mistakes in open eyes. That’s why we need a tool for checking our writings. Here comes the tool Grammarly.

Features of Grammarly:

About 1 billion people are talking and writing English for over the world. Grammarly may check spelling errors, sentence mistakes and it suggests various mistakes.

Grammarly help to catch mistakes that you didn’t even realize you are making. Grammarly gives you confidence when you post a mistake.  Grammarly makes writing better and it’s free. I would recommend Grammarly if you’re a student or a blogger, anybody that’s doing any writing. You need to get Grammarly free at

Support Microsoft Word:

It is well connected to Microsoft Word as software. You will find a new menu namely Grammarly in your Microsoft Word and all the options like contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style, vocabulary enhancement tools are available. You may also check plagiarism using Grammarly.

Grammarly Review

The desktop app and Browser extension

Grammarly may be also used as a desktop app browser extension tool for the Chrome browser. Before using the tool, you need to signup for an account at Grammarly and you may log in. Where all the options for downloading the desktop app, browser extension, and Microsoft was Add on is available. Then, upload your documents to Grammarly site or paste directly on the Grammarly website.

Tone Detector

Grammarly may also detect the tone of your writing voices. Sometimes, it is happening that we want to say something but the sentences saying something else. In this regard, Grammarly may reconstruct your sentences in a meaningful way. For example, you may want to say something happily but not the anger mode. So, Grammarly can detect your tone of the sentences and you may find them accordingly. It creates a good level of communication in business writing and improves the confidence level of your voices.

Widely used in various writings

Grammarly may is also available in your email, messenger, Outlook, Yahoo mail, writings or for your social media accounts.

Wide variety of improvements

Grammarly may improve your writing is in several ways. You may improve your word choice, one session punctuation, capitalization of words, phrasing, etc.

Plagiarism check

Grammarly is another tool for plagiarism checking. It is a free tool for your business writing and you may also check the plagiarism percent in your blog writings. Grammarly collects data from ProQuest’s academic databases and also highlights duplicate sentences and words. It is also helping to create citations of your writings easily.
The citation is also important to improve the writing skills where you like to put a few sentences from other writing. But if you write them without any attribution, it is like duplicate sentences. Google also doesn’t like to rank duplicate blog post. Therefore, it is essential to make some citations in your writing. Without knowing your plagiarism level, it is not easy to write a blog post because sometimes it is intentional; but you committed the mistakes. Therefore, Grammarly is also based on checking plagiarism in blog writings.

Learn from your mistakes

The best part of commodities that it is not seeking grammar or spellings, it is also serving as a tool that helps you to learn and improve your writings day by day. There are several categories or types of writing where Grammarly may be used. It is generally not available in the free version. In the free version, you may only check the general mistakes. It highlights the words that require attention and the correct suggestions are available on the right side is a card.

Grammarly vs Whitesmoke


Whitesmoke is another popular tool for grammar improvement. It comprises of three tools: grammar checker, plagiarism checker, translator. It is widely compared with Grammarly and there are few reasons behind it. It supports as standalone software, Microsoft Word add-ons, G- mail, all browsers. It has an option to one-click auto proofing solution.

Differences between Grammarly and Whitesmoke

  • The first difference between the two is in prices. Whitesmoke price starts from five dollars per month and Grammarly’s price is $ 11.6 per month.
  • Grammarly highlights the improvements /suggestions on the right-hand side is a card. While Whitesmoke highlights the improvements above any words. So, the interference of the Grammarly is easy and well disciplined. While Whitesmoke design is a little complicated.
  • Grammarly shows a text score out of 100 file, Whitesmoke represents a text score out of 10. But both represent the quality of writing.
  • Whitesmoke supports more languages as compared to Grammarly.
  • Grammarly plagiarism checker is a free tool with the subscription but you have to pay more for checking plagiarism in Whitesmoke.
  • Whitesmoke has a wide variety of subscription plans from one year to 3 years. While Grammarly has only one year plan.

Both tools are widely popular for checking grammar. But, we prefer Grammarly is a tool for a wide variety of writing improvements. Grammarly is more than a tool but a style of your writing which adopts lots of features in your writing. At the same time, Whitesmoke is also looking good and it is cost-effective as compared to Grammarly.