The videographers those who are making a movie or YouTube channel are always looking for quality video. High shutter speed and frame rate makes a video quality very good. Nowadays, YouTubers are always looking for a best slow motion camera with high frame rate.

There are lots of action cameras with high frame rate in the market. But their prices are not cheap and all the beginners cannot afford them.

In this post, we’re going to review some best slow motion video cameras with high frame rate and may stabilization. Equally, we will focus on mainly three points while reviewing based slow motion cameras especially in India. These three main points are:

  • Highest frame rate
  • Quality of videos
  • Price of the camera

Best slow motion camera

1. Sony RX100 V

The first slow motion camera for video recording is Sony RX100 now in V series comes with 1.0-type image sensor. It is best for video capturing and slow motion video recording up to 4K quality. It is one of the best choices for YouTubers slow motion footage. It is an action camera with super fast 0.05 second auto-focus speed. It has almost 315 AF points making videos very clear and sharp. Sony RX 100 V has the ability to shoot continuously up to 24 frames per second with auto-focus tracking facility.

The best part is that it has 20.1 megapixel cameras with RS-CMOS sensor making autofocus very fast and blazing. Another great feature of this camera is that you may able to record 4K video in its full megapixel which is not possible most of the cameras.

The best part of Sony RX 100 V is that it can record video up to 960 FPS making a video 40 times slower as compared to normal recording mode. This is really helpful for making no mention video recording at the very high frame rate.

In NTSC mode you are able to record slow motion video and 960 frames per second and in PAL you are able to capture 1000 frames per second

The image quality is around full HD at 240/250 FPS and HD at 480/500 FPS. The sensitivity of light that is maximum ISO is 12,800 which is really beneficial for shooting at a very low light condition. The camera has also the option to adjust ISO automatically and allows to set up auto shutter speed with automatic ISO adjustment.

The camera has the option to lock auto focus to a particular object helping to track and adjust frame rate according to it.

However, the price of the Sony RX 100V is very high and around $ 900 range. In Indian market. Prices around ₹ 75,900. So it is not a cheap choice but if you’re looking for an ultra slow motion recording quality action camera, it is a great choice. In our best slow motion camera selection, Sony RX100 V is the first choice.

Sony RX100 V review


Extremely high quality slow motion recording

4K recording at full pixel

AF lock system


Costly for low budget


Quality: 5/5

Frame Rate: 5/5

Price: 4/5

Overall Score: 4.5/5

2. GoPro Hero7 Black

The next selection among best slow motion camera is GoPro Hero 7 Black. It is another widely popular compact 12 megapixel camera. GoPro is in the market for quality compact slow motion camera. GoPro Hero7 Black may record 4K video at a rate of 60 fps. The video stabilization quality also looks very fine. It can record slow motion video at 240 fps with 8x slow motion power. However, its smooth stabilization works below 120 fps.

GoPro Hero7 Black

GoPro Hero 7 Black is very small and you may easily carry in your pocket. It is a waterproof 4K camera with lots of accessories in the market. You may easily carry this waterproof camera up to 10 meter below the water level without any difficulty. It has the ability to record time lapse videos.

The video stabilization quality of the camera is very smooth and best in the market. It has the ability to live streaming video in Facebook or any other social networking platforms.

It has an inbuilt voice control system and you may use your command to control the camera settings using 16 voice command. The sound quality of GoPro Hero7 Black is very smooth and the noise level is also very low. You may use external 3.5mm Audio Mic. to record the audio.

The camera can also capture high quality images with ‘SuperPhoto’ feature which is like intelligent photo capturing mood. It records automatically with HDR with small noise level in low light condition.

The camera can be connected to any other device using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GoPro App. There are more than 30 accessories that may be use with the camera.

3. Sony RX0 Ultra-compact waterproof digital camera

Sony RX0 is another compact slow motion camera that may capture quality videos and high frame rates. It is in the market competing GoPro Hero7 Black even though its price is more than GoPro. It is similar to Sony RX100 V but limited in few aspects.

It has Zeiss lens with 24mm focal length which is equivalent to 35 MM lens. The image quality of this lens is also very high. The shutter speed of this lens is 1/3200 and you may record your video 4K with CMOS sensor.

In Sony RX0 you may record video at aperture F4.0. It is also waterproof supporting up to 33 feet deep water. It is also shockproof up to 2 m.

Sony RX0 image

Similar to RX100 V, RX0 also support ultra slow motion video recording up to 960fps/1,000fps. It is 40 times slower than normal recording. However you require class 10 SDXC or SDHC memory card to record 40x slow motion video.

The continuous image shooting mode is also very high and you may shoot continuously and 16fps.

It is also possible to record and export high-quality 4K video using HDMI port. It is also possible to record 4K video using external device through HDMI port. It is also possible to capture an object using multi-camera wired LAN connection. You may also able to control all this camera’s and synchronise them.

However, Sony RX0 has no inbuilt option to capture time lapse video. But you may use to capture time lapse video using Sony camera app. One of the limitations of this camera is that the standard inbuilt system can capture 1080p at 60 FPS. You may use to capture 4K video only using external device. It comprises the video size and lower down the quality of the video. Conversely, it may record at a very high frame rate at 50, 500 or 1000fps but at lower pixel.


40X slow motion recording

4K recording at full pixel

AF lock system


4K recording using external device

Slow motion recording is possible at lower pixel


Quality: 4.5/5

Frame Rate: 5/5

Price: 4.5/5

Overall Score: 4.4/5

Sony RX0 II Ultra Compact and Smallest Slow Motion Camera

Sony is recently lunching RX0 II compact camera which is successor to Sony RX0 and they claim that it is one of the world’s smallest and ultra compact camera which is only 132 gram. There are lots of features in new Sony RX0 II.

It has 180° movable screen and it is both waterproof and shockproof camera. It has 15.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor which is extremely sensitive to light. It’s ISO is ranging between 80 to 12,800 which is really cool in low light situation.

It has a 24 mm lens with F4 .0 Aperture and its minimum focusing distance is 20 CM. The price of this camera in India is ₹ 57,990 which is ₹ 7000 more as compared to Sony RX0. It may record 4K video at 30 frames per second.

We test the stability of video stabilisation and found that the functioning of electronic stabilisation is very good and you may output 4K video using HDMI port. It also comes with two per slow motion video recording at 960fps/1000fps. It has an inbuilt time lapse recording feature which 1 and 60 seconds lapse recording time. It is easy to edit time lapse recording videos using Sony Imaging Edge software.

Sony RX0 II image

The Key Feature of Sony RX0 II

The main difference between RX0 and RX0 II is that RX0 II has a tilt 180° LCD screen. It is really helping bloggers, bloggers and self recording or shooting images. This camera is also helpful for travelling because of its light and compact form.

We go through the autofocus performance of Sony RX0 II and find that it is fast, accurate and easy to work with. The colour performance of this camera is very cool and national. You may connect up to 100 cameras and use all of them simultaneously using Wi-Fi. It opens a new way of shooting dynamic events using multiple cameras. Overall, Sony RX0 II is best for vlogs and travel photographers and it is one of the best slow motion action video recording cameras. However, it still requires an external recorder to capture 4K recording.

Sony Rx0 II Review and final verdict

There is no such difference between Rx0 and Rx0 II in terms of features and quality. However, Rx0 II is a tilt screen helping to capture self recording or shooting. It has also a inbuilt time lapse recording system and also helping slow motion video recording at 960/1000 FPS